Champion Medals

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Frequently asked questions

Below, the answers to some frequently asked questions are listed. If your question is not on this page, feel free to get in contact with the developer.

What is Champion Medals? Champion Medals is a community plugin for Openplanet, the extension platform for the racing game Trackmania. It adds a medal to some of the maps in the game, which is more difficult than the author medal.
Is Champion Medals or its developer associated with Ubisoft Nadeo? No, Champion Medals is a fully independent initiative from a community member. Ubisoft Nadeo is not involved in the development of this plugin.
Why does Champion Medals exist? Within a subset of the Trackmania community, the sentiment existed that the author medals from the seasonal campaigns are too easy, giving these players no incentive to actually hunt the campaign. This plugin aims to introduce a new, more difficult incentive to hunt the campaign.
How do I install Champion Medals? First, install the Openplanet extension platform from its website (see the Openplanet installation documentation for more information). Then, open Trackmania, open the Plugin Manager in Openplanet, and search for "Champion Medals." From here, you can install the plugin.
Where can I see the Champion medal times? You can see the times for the Champion medals on this website, as well as in the game, via the window created by the plugin.
For which maps do Champion medals exist? Champion medals currently exist for the most recent seasonal campaign maps and tracks of the day. Soon, coverage will be extended to older seasonal campaigns and tracks of the day. The full list of maps for which a Champion medal exists can be viewed on this website.
How are Champion medals calculated? The Champion medal for a map is calculated using a combination of the times at the top of the leaderboard and the author medal time of the map. The exact equation is a complex combination of these times, and might change in the future as a result of fine-tuning the difficulty of the medals. Champion medals are always harder than the author time.
When are Champion medals calculated? For the seasonal campaign maps, Champion medals are calculated 7 days after release of the campaign. For tracks of the day, Champion medals are calculated 1 hour after the map becomes track of the day.
Can Champion medals change over time? No, Champion medals are calculated at a fixed moment in time, and will not change afterwards (outside of exceptional cases).
How often are the medal counts and leaderboards updated? Medal counts and leaderboards are updated once per hour for the most recent seasonal campaign and the current month for tracks of the day. Older campaigns and tracks of the day are updated once per day.
How will the Champion medal be determined for a map with a cut or physics change? These maps will be treated in the same way as any other map. There is no good way to consistently and objectively determine and re-evaluate medal times as if cuts, reroutes, or physics changes didn't exist.
I am building a campaign or map and I want this campaign or map to have Champion medals. Is this possible? Yes, contact the developer and we can see what the possibilities are.
I want to use the Champion Medals dataset for an interesting project. Is this allowed? Please contact the developer with your idea. Do not scrape this website or the API without prior permission.
I want to incorporate Champion Medals in my Openplanet plugin. Is this possible? Starting from version 1.5 of the Champion Medals plugin, you can configure Champion Medals to be a dependency of your plugin, giving you access to the Champion medal of the map the player is currently playing. See Openplanet's documentation on plugin dependencies for more detail, as well as the source code for an example plugin using Champion Medals as a dependency. Please do not reverse-engineer the API used by the Champion Medals plugin to implement it into your own plugin. Also, do not create any new medals derived from Champion Medals data.